Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Alzheimer's Cure?

By way of Jerry Pournelle's website, a report in the Belfast Telegraph:

An injection that dramatically relieved the symptoms of Alzheimer's disease within minutes would qualify as the discovery of the decade. That is exactly what was claimed yesterday for an experimental treatment being tested in America.

Scientists at the Institute for Neurological Research at the University of California have treated around 50 patients at a private clinic by injecting an anti-arthritic drug, etanercept, into the spinal column in the neck and then tilting the patients to encourage the drug to flow to the brain.

They claim 90 per cent respond to the treatment, usually within minutes, and have released videos of patients to prove it.

Read the entire article, Discovery of the decade? Injection 'could cure Alzheimer's in minutes'

Video Report:

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