Monday, December 24, 2007

Muslims Driving Christians from Bethlehem

Media's two-faced Christmas coverage
The Muslims running the Palestinian Authority have been driving Christians out of Bethlehem since they took over in 1995, but media outlets choose to blame Israel. I wonder why?

Ah, Christmas in Bethlehem. Manger Square is ablaze with colorful lights. The weather is usually a bit chilly. Aggressive merchants bombard passersby with “special sales” on all kinds of cedar wood statues and religious carvings.

And like clockwork, the mainstream media descend upon this city every year to ignore rampant Muslim intimidation of Christians and instead blast Israel - often with completely inaccurate information - for ruining Christmas and for the drastic decline of Christianity in one of the holiest cities for that religion.

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Don the Baptist said...

Thanks RP, did you see my take on this?